Film Making Course for Beginners

10 weeks course with 30 sessions of 2 hours each

(Shoot you own scenes)

This course has been designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of film making.  The course covers all the major aspects of film making, including screen play writing, story boarding, camera movements, direction,  lighting setups, sound recording, editing, background scores etc. The course prepares the participants to be able to shoot their own short films and professional videos with any basic camera set up. Participants learn film making within a fully equipped professional shooting set up. Varieties of practical exercises and shoots are conducted throughout the course teaching students the step by step process of film making.

 Course Summary

  • Learn the standard practices of screenplay writing & story boarding.

  • Learn camera operations, setting up a scene, managing light, sound & other shooting equipment

  • Several practical sessions on different aspects of film making.

  • Learn the key fundamentals of cinematography, direction and editing

  • Learn to use background score, foley sound and back ground music tracks

  • Shoot several scenes , making up your own 2 minutes director's showreel during the course 

  • Get your director's showreel featured on our website and YouTube channel

  • Learn zero budget film making enabling you to start making your own movies.

  • Learn to make films for international film festivals  meeting key nomination criteria

  • Learn to shoot with Green Screen and Chroma effect

  • Learn to operate sound recorder, stabilizer, boom, wireless mic & other equipment.

  • Opportunity to assist us for advertisement and other media production based on suitability

Put Your Film Making Career on a Speedy Path !

Key Features & Takeaways

  • Learn the whole on ground shooting & movie making process as a beginner

  • Learn to operate various shooting equipment with an ease

  • Shoot your scenes during the workshop with professional actors and shooting set up

  • Numerous practical sessions covering all aspects of film making

  • Shoot showreel scenes as the director

  • Your showreel shall be marketed through our YouTube channel & website 

  • Learn to convert your basic idea to a full blown screen play and movie

  • Network with other film makers and creative people

  • Learn the key role as a director to ensure effective visualization & execution of the project

  • Understand the fundamentals of acting, cinematography & editing to be a better film maker



Open doors to the film maker within you and showcase your talent to the world!

​​Other Details


  • Maximum 10 students per batch

  • For candidates above 12 years of age

  • Sessions are conducted on Every Friday 

  • Shooting locations are hired within UAE only

  • Open to all nationalities

  • For the beginners in film making

  • Sessions are conducted in basic English 

  • Coach: Tanveer Ahmed

 Start Your Career in Film Making!


Film making Short Course

Upcoming Session​​​

Starting: 17th Jan 2020 (Fridays)

Duration: 10 Weeks 

Level: Beginners

Certificate:  Fundamentals of Film Making

Location : Dubai

Venue: Dubai Media City

Discounted Fee: AED 3,450 (Until 15th Mar 2020)

Standard Fees: AED 3,750 (Until 5th May 2020)

Late fee: AED 4,250 (Late fee)

'Installment scheme' available

(Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.)


Film Making Course for Beginners

(30 Session of 2 hours each + Scene Shoot)

  • Story & Screen play writing

    • Concept & Story writing

    • Screen play & Dialogues Writing

    • Character Preparation & Character graph

    • Practical session on writing short screen play

  • Working on Story boarding

    • What is story boarding and using it effectively

    • Practical session on creating story boarding for a scene

  • Casting & Preparation of actors

    • Casting

    • Preparing your actors & rehearsal sessions

    • Practical Sessions of rehearsing & preparing actors for a scene

  • Key camera settings

    • Resolutions &Shutter speed

    • Aperture & ISO settings

    • White balance & Others settings

    • Practical session of varying different settings to understand it better 

  • Lighting Set up

    • 3 point light set up (Key light, fill light, back light)

    • Advanced lighting concepts & Using Zebra in camera

    • Understanding color temperature

    • Practical session on lighting up a scene with actors

  • Understanding Sound recording

    • Scratch soundBoom Mic & Wireless Mic

    • Understanding sound recorder & Sound Syncing 

    • Practical session of recording sound during a scene

  • Learn How to use different Camera Movements

    • Camera tilt, Panning & Camera zoom

    • Hand held camera & Dolly movement

    • Camera Stabilizer & Camera rigs

    • Practical session of shooting scenes using various camera movement

  • Learn fundamentals of lenses

    • Standard lenseMacro lenseTelephoto lense

    • Wide angle lense & others

  • Key rules to follow

    • 180 degree rule & Rule of third

    • Practical sessions on using the key rules during shoot

  • Understand and learn different Type of Shots

    • Establishing shot & Long shot

    • Medium shotClose up & Extreme closeup

    • Point of view shot & Reaction shot

    • Reverse angle shot, Two shot and others

    • Practical sessions on using the key rules during shoot

  • Use of different Camera Angles

    • Eye level, High angle & Low angle

    • Dutch AngleOver the shoulder 

    • Bird eye view & others

    • Practical sessions on shooting different camera angles

  • Fundamentals of Editing

    • Basics of Editing

    • Types of Cuts, L cut, J cut, cut away etc.

  • Background Music:

    • How to get royalty free music

    • Buy suitable back ground scores online

    • Create Foley sound

  • Learn to shoot with Green Screen

    • Fixing & lighting up the green screen

    • Framing shots with green screen

    • Give chroma effect

Note: The sessions are conducted on Fridays or Saturdays based on schedule and suitability.

Note: All the standard policies & disclaimers, term & conditions applies as stated on the website

Creative Bites offers the Best Drama, Acting & Film making School experience in UAE, with Acting & Film making courses for Beginners. We specialize in offering key film making and  Screen Acting Lessons, Workshops and Courses, which have been carefully crafted for adults, starting their career in film making, acting & media field. These programs are conducted by experienced coaches. Learning Film making, and Screen Acting with full shooting setup of Light, Sound and Camera Equipment, adds a great value to your understanding of Film making & Acting.

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