Acting Workshop for Teenagers & Kids  (Intermediate Level)

This acting work shop is mainly designed for kids and teenagers, with absolutely no experience in acting. Its a step by step process with practical sessions, and shoots in front of camera, which enable kids & teenagers to understand & explore various film acting techniques.

Intermediate session is extensively focusing on character preparation, eye movements, voice modulation & suiting your voice to the character. Various scenes are shot with students enacting given characters, portraying physical & mental attributes of the character. Scenes are shot in a movie like format & texture, adding a great value to student's show reel. These scenes are also added to students showreel from beginners session

Individuals & group scenes are shot with a full professional shooting set up and well written dialogues. The show reels are placed in student database on our website. Such database is provided to several casting agencies & production houses to cast for TVCs, feature film, Television, short films etc.  Some of our students got role in TVCs as early as within 10 days post workshop.

Students become more confident, and bold after this workshop.  Students learn acting in a very relaxed & fun filled environment. We take extreme care of performance anxiety and stage fears.

Syllabus of the Workshop - Intermediate


  • Extensive character preparation exercises

  • Basics of eye movements

  • Changing voice pitch & adjusting voice to the character

  • Student are given an outline of a specific character

  • Scenes are rehearsed & performed as characters

  • Actors adopt the physical attributes of the character

  • Scenes are shot  as characters 

  • Scenes are shot in a movie like format & texture

  • Expressions & body language exercises

  • Scenes are added to actor’s show reel 

Key Information

  • Age : 9 years to 17 years

  • Number of Sessions: 4 Sessions

  • Duration of each session : 2 Hours

  • Duration of course: 2 days workshop

  • Location : Dubai - Golden Tulip Hotel 

  • Conducted on : Weekdays

  • Acting Coach: Tanveer Ahmed

  • Fees AED 650 

Key Take Away:


  • Get your complementary show reel (scenes shot during workshop)

  • Show reel helps you showcase your talent to the casting agencies

  • Get connected to casting agencies & production houses through us

  • Get enrolled to our database with ongoing casting calls

  • Get photographs of your shoot, adding to your visual profile

  • Chance to work in our in house branded content, short films, TVCs etc.

Key Features:


  • A step by step process to understand the fundamentals of acting

  • Designed for beginners with little or no experience in acting

  • Make students familiar with techniques to perform in front of Camera

  • A professional shooting atmosphere with light, sound & camera setup

  • Easy to learn group exercises, building your confidence to perform

  • Platform to network with fellow actors & friends   

  • Open to all nationalities

  • Session are conducted in basic English, you can also choose to perform in your own language

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