Video Ad Films

All Inclusive Package for Video Ad Films

(Including Ad Film's production & marketing )

Video Ad Films - All Inclusive Package 


  • Market your product with the  most cost effect Video Ad Films 

  • All in one package for production & Marketing of the ad film 

  • The duration of ad film will be '1 minute & 30 seconds' or lesser

  • Highly experienced directors & production team to shoot & edit 

  • Specialized team to conceptualize & create an appealing story line 

  • Marketing team to run the ad over Face Book, Insta, YouTube, Google Search & Display network

  • Ad films will be story based with emotional appeal & viral in nature

  • The Ad will be marketed to min 200,000 people in the region over Face Book

  • The Ad will be shared with min 20,000 people over YouTube

  • Standard, Premium and customized packages available

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Standard Package for Video Ad Film

  • Standard package includes production & marketing of the ad film

  • A very high quality ad, appealing to the right audience

  • Concept development in line with your business strategy & vision

  • Ads are shot in high definition format suiting to social media marketing

  • Specialized team to conceptualize the ad film Idea

  • Ad concept is developed to be of viral in nature

  • Ad film is marketed by specialists to the targeted audience generating business leads 

  • Marketing to 200,000 people on Face Book

  • Marketing to 20,000 people on You Tube 

Video Ad Production Process

1.Key Objectives

We will understand your key Marketing objectives & overall requirements


The Ad will be shot, in line with storyboard as per schedule agreed

2.Concept & Story

Our writers will develop a suitable concept & story line and will discuss the same

6.Post Production

Editor will edit, color grade and will produce the final cut of the ad film in Hd format

3.Story Board

A Storyboard shall be developed showing scene by scene break up of ad Film as a blue print

7.Final Review

The Ad film shall be presented to you for your final review and feedback. 

4.Cast & Crew

Actor, Director, Cameraman, Gaffer & other cast & crew shall be assigned to the project


The Marketing of the Ad film shall be executed by our marketing team.

What does the standard package includes

Story & concept development fee

Actors fee

Director's fee

Editors & post production team cost

Camera man & gaffer's per day cost

Camera, sound, lighting & other equipment charges

Graphics & sound design team cost

Marketing cost on Facebook 

Marketing cost on YouTube

Shooting Location cost

Shooting permit cost

Standard Package - Other Details

  • The Final output of the Ad Film shall be produced in HD format (1080p)

  • HD format is best suited for social media & digital advertising

  • Camera used will be Canon Cinema Camera C100, 5D Mark IV, Sony A7S etc.

  • Location of the shoot to be determined by CB Production team

  • Duration of the Ad film will be 90 second or lesser


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