6 Months - Online Film Acting Course 

( For Beginners )

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Online Film Acting program is a 6 months - professional certificate course, designed for beginners in film acting. It is for all ages & nationalities. The program teaches you all the basics & advanced film acting techniques through carefully designed 28  online video modules.

Each module contains specially crafted video lecture explaining a specific film acting technique, professional acting tips, daily exercises to practice, sample performances of our students and more

The program is more enriching than a physical film school, and teaches the standard process followed by professional film actors to prepare for a scene or a character.

Candidates will have to submit 5 test performances for our assessment. Actors shall be awarded with ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of Film Acting’ post successful completion of the course.

 Course Summary

  • This online program enables students to prepare any scene professionally for performance in front of Camera.

  • It covers all the key film acting techniques e.g. real emotions, imagination, dialogue delivery, character preparation, eye movements, gestures & postures, voice modulation etc.

  • It is specially designed for those wishing to professionally start their acting career.

  • It’s a step by step process to learn film acting from basics to professional level.

  • The course covers all the film acting techniques taught by major film acting schools. 

  • The course offers several exercises to practice film acting on a daily basis.

Students have been getting professional acting assignment post completion of our courses

Who should join this program?

  • The 6 months online  film acting program is designed for all those who are crazily passionate about film acting and wish to pursue or switch to acting as their professional career

  • You could be a school student, a housewife, a working professional or a senior citizen. If you have an inner voice pulling you towards acting but you could never pursue it, this online program is for you.

Key Features

  • You can learn professional film acting online, sitting at home 

  • It boosts your confidence to perform prior to taking up any commercial acting assignment

  • It's easily accommodated to your schedule & covers syllabus of major film acting schools

  • Your performances are critically reviewed by our assessment team, giving you a detailed feedback

  • Daily exercises to practice various acting techniques while revisiting video lecture several times.

  • It is a long distance certified program, preparing you for professional assignments

  • Many of our students are getting roles in television, films, commercial etc. post our acting courses​

Most affordable way to learn film acting & show your talent to casting co.s through us 

How the online acting program works? 

Step 1: Learn all the film acting techniques through our specially designed 28 different video modules, containing video lecture, professional acting tips & practical exercises.

Step 2: Watch sample performances of our various students applying these techniques to better understand it

Step 3: Download written scenes from our website with story , character outlines, & dialogues for your test performances

Step 4: Rehearse these scenes using acting techniques learnt during the program

Step 5: Shoot total 5 test performances using your mobile phones or camera & upload it on our website for assessment.

Step 6: You will be awarded with ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of Film Acting’ after passing out all the performances. 

Professional review on your test performance, helps you understand the key areas to improve


Fees & Other details​​​

Duration: 6 Months

Level: Beginners

Receive 'Certificate in Fundamentals of Film Acting'

Standard Fees: USD 190 

Promotional Offer : USD 175 (Until 30th June 2019)

​​Syllabus  & List of Modules

6 Months - Online Film Acting Course 

(28 Video Modules + Sample Performance)

(Each module contains, specially designed video lectures, professional acting tips, exercises to practice at home, and sample performance of our actors)

Introductory modules

Module 1 : Basic Introduction & How the program works

Module 2 : General Myth about film acting

Module 3 : How to get rid of fear of public Performance

Fundamental concepts in Film Acting

Module 4 : Active imagination in film acting

Module 5 : Using real emotions in acting

Module 6 : Standard process of character preparation in film acting

Advanced techniques in Acting

Module 7 : Technique of labeling in acting

Module 8 : Subtext in film acting

Module 9 : Using Inner Monologues

Module 10 : Objective, super objective and motivation for a scene

Module 11 : Technique of embodying a character

Module 12 : Using Sense Memory during performance

Module 13 : Using Emotional Memory during performance

Module 14 : Technique of ‘Magic if’

Module 15 : Voice Modulation & Voice pitch

Module 16 : Personality Blockage

Specialized techniques for Camera Acting

Module 17 : Technique of quartering in film acting

Module 18 : Eye movements

Module 19 : Standard camera movement

Module 20 : Basic shooting setup

Module 21 : Types of Angles

Module 22 : Type of Shots

Module 23 : Additional tips to camera acting

Module 24 : Tips on shooting different angles

Module 25 : Guide to shoot the test performances

Standard process of rehearsal to performance

Module 26 : Standard process to prepare for a role or scene

Module 27 : Conclusion

Additional modules

Module 28 : Introduction to Mr. Tanveer Ahmed

Other Instructions 

  • Register and make payment for the course

  • Receive e-mail confirmation with log in ID, password & unique CBACT number 

  • Log in to your account unlocking all the 28 video modules & other video & test content

  • Online video modules shall be active for 6 months period only

  • You can resubmit your performance multiple times (if could not clear in first attempt) within one year from registration

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