Act in Your Own Short Film

( For Beginners in Acting )

60 Hours Intensive Acting Program


Learn Acting while you prepare for your Debut performance in your own short film.  

This Acting Program is a combination of Training Sessions coupled with chance to act in your own Short Film.

The Short Film shall be released & marketed through Creative Bites YouTube Channel. Each Short Film is expected to achieve minimum of 20,000 views, over social media platforms. This will  give you a wider exposure as an Actor.

The Film shall also be sent for film festivals on selective basis based on suitability. 

The Film & Actors shall have opportunity to get nominated in 'Best Film' & Best Actor' Category in these Film Festivals.

Opportunity to Learn Acting & Work in Your Own Short Film

How this Program Works?

  • The course starts with an initial workshop covering Fundamentals of Screen Acting including sessions on Imagination, using real emotions, and practical shoots in front of Camera

  • The workshop delve into in depth topics & sessions on Character Preparation, Voice Modulation, Inner Monologue, Gestures & Postures etc. These sessions act as refresher course for actor who have attended previous workshops

  • A customized Short Film Story, Screen play & dialogues are written for Actors, based on their initial assessment. ​

  • Story sittings and long sessions are held for Character Preparation, Cold Reading, script analysis, & overall planning.

  • Dress Rehearsals are conducted, to get the Actors in the skin of the Character.

  • Final Shoot of the Film is held over two full days, with professional, Light, Sound, and Camera Setup

  • The Short film goes under post production stage of sound and video editing

  • The official trailer and poster of the movie with actors  shall be launched over social media, 2 weeks & 3 weeks prior to the release of the movie respectively to create a buzz.



Get Exposure to the Whole Process of Film Making as an Actor !

​​What happens during  post production?


  • Once the shoot is over the Film shall be processed for First Cut Editing

  • Sounds and Voice shall be processed & cleaned up

  • Background Score and Foley sounds shall be added

  • Background music shall be added

  • Voice over and dialogue dubbing shall be finalized as needed

  • Color correction and color grading shall be applied to give it a Film look

  • Final Cut shall be produced, with Opening and Ending Titles

  • Film shall be released over YouTube, with entries for selective Film Festivals

 No More Struggle for your First Break !

​​Other Details & Key Features

  1. Sessions and shoot are held on Fridays & Saturdays only

  2. On and average 6 people are involved in one short film

  3. All the actors are given cinematic exposure, and an overall experience to prepare & shoot for a professional Film.

  4. Apartment & Villas are hired with outdoor shoots as script demands

  5. Meetups over coffee are arranged during weekdays, at the discretion of Director 

  6.  The whole experience is filled with lots of fun and opportunity to learn the craft

  7. Need Extreme Passion towards acting, as this course is quite intensive & demanding

Chance to Show Your Talent ! Start your career in Film! 


Short Film Course

Starting: 15th Feb 2020 (Saturdays)

Level: Beginners with no experience

Certificate: 60 Hours Intensive Acting Program

Location : Dubai Media City

Session: 60 Hours of session over 2 months

Standard Fee: AED 3,750 

Late Fee: AED 4,950 

'Installment scheme' available

Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.

​​Detailed Program Breakup  

(50 Hour Intensive Acting Course)

  • Workshop on Fundamentals of Acting Covering: (6 Hours)

    • Imagination 

    • Using Real Emotions

    • Basics of Film shoot,

    • Camera Angles, Camera Movements, Type of Shots

    • Performing short scenes in front of Camera

  • Workshop on Characterization covering:   ( 12 Hours)

    • Methods of Character Preparation​

    • Eye Movements

    • Inner Monologues

    • Voice Modulation

  • Short Film - Story Sitting Sessions Covering : ( 6 Hours)

    • Scripts Analysis​

    • Character Analysis

    • Discussion on costume

  • Rehearsal Session:    (12 hours or more)

    • Cold Reading​

    • Intensive Group Rehearsal of all Scenes

  • Final Shoot:    ( 20 hours or more)

    • Professional Shooting Setup 

    • Assisted by Light, Sound and Camera team

  • Voice Over & Dubbing (If needed) :     (4 hours)


Students go through the whole experience of Acting in a professional movie including, story sitting, script analysis, character preparation, rehearsals, and Acting in front of Camera with professional shooting setup, which gives them the full exposure to the world of Acting & Film making .

Note: The sessions are conducted on Fridays or Saturdays based on schedule and suitability.

Note: All the standard policies & disclaimers, term & conditions applies as stated on the website

Creative Bites offers the Best Drama & Acting School experience in UAE, with Acting Training Classes & Programs for Beginners. We specialize in teaching key Film & Theater Acting Techniques. Our Screen Acting Lessons, Workshops and Courses have been carefully crafted for adults, starting their career in acting & media field. These programs are conducted by experienced coaches. Learning Screen Acting while you perform in front of Camera with full shooting setup of Light, Sound and Camera Equipment, adds a great value to your understanding of Acting for Camera & Films.

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