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Creative Bites is an acting and filmmaking training academy. We offer a wide variety of media-related training courses. We have trained thousands of students from 40+ different nationalities. All our courses are mainly designed for beginners. 


All our courses are practical's based. We believe in learning by practically executing the techniques rather than just understanding it theoretically. Most of our practical training sessions are conducted with a  full professional shooting setup including multiple cameras, lights and sound equipment. We equip our student with adequate practical experience to enable them to easily venture out in the professional field.

Currently, we are offering training courses in screen acting, film making, photography, video editing, public speaking & personality development etc. All our courses are certified and conducted in Dubai Media City. Many of our students also enroll and travel from GCC, European & African countries.

Our courses and workshops are the great platform to network with like minded people. Our courses are a great stress busters and add confidence & creativity in your personality.

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