1 Month Acting Course(For Beginners)
(12 Sessions of 2 Hours each)

This acting work shop is mainly for beginners with little or no experience. It consists of 12 sessions of 2 hours each, with several practical sessions in front of Camera. Its a step by step process of learning basic film acting techniques such as using real emotions & imagination, dialogues delivery, gestures & postures, improvisation techniques, script analysis, character preparation, acting in front of green screen, using inner monologues, sub-text & other basic concepts. 


It trains the actors to perform for camera in a professional lighting & sound set up and prepare them for auditions, theatrical performances, TVCs, & film shoot. 

Put Your Acting Career on a Speedy Path !
3 Months - Professional Film Acting Course 
( For Beginners )
36 Sessions of 2 Hours Each

​This program has been designed for beginners with little or no experience in Acting. Students learn all the key basics & advanced concepts in film acting. Students go through the whole process of preparing & performing scenes professionally in multi camera, light & sound setup.


The course helps student to get rid of fear of public performance & anxiety.  It's a step by step process giving you a full exposure to the world of Acting & Film making .

We keep you at ease, ensuring that you learn acting in a very relaxed and fun filled environment. We do take extreme care of your performance anxiety and fear of public performance. Its great fun to finally start living your dream. 

Open doors to acting opportunities in television, films & other media platform !

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