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Want to be

an Actor ?

1 Month Acting Workshop

(For Beginners)

(12 Sessions of 2 Hours each)

Learn the Fundamentals of screen acting. Learn key acting techniques related to real emotions, imagination, dialogue delivery, voice modulation, gestures & postures, Improvisation & inner monologues. Shoot several solo and group scenes for Camera.

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3 Month Film Acting Course

(For Beginners)

(36 Sessions of 2 Hours each)

Learn Basics & Advanced Film Acting Techniques with several practical sessions. Shoot several scenes in front of the camera with full shooting setup. Solo & group shoots. Cover key concepts of stanislavsky, stella adler, and michael Chekhov.

Learn Basics & Advanced Film Acting Techniques. Learn key acting processes.

Shoot scenes with multi Cam Set up, lights and sound equipment.

Get your video scenes as showreel & show your performance to agents.

Get Certification in Professional Film Acting. Certified Courses.

Put your acting career on a speedy path !

Open doors to acting opportunities in television, films & other media platform !

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Key Features & Takeaways

  • Learn to perform the majority of key human emotions. 

  • Learn professional film acting & character prep techniques.

  • Get comfortable with performing for Camera.

  • Opportunity to network with other actors of diverse nationalities.

  • Learn to approach media companies & casting agencies.

  • Get Certification & Showreel scenes to expedite your career.

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