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It’s a 10 weeks course which teaches you to use key self development techniques to understand your own personality, improve yourself to gain more confidence in your life and learn to speak publicly. Through several games & practical sessions this course helps you to understand your own emotions, and why you behave or feel the way you feel and teaches you to manage and have complete control over your emotions. You learn to effectively communicate your ideas, become confident, presentable & get rid of your fear & complexes on stage.

Through several practical sessions & fun games, participants learn to remove their fear & anxiety while speaking to people. You learn to identify and remove negative character traits and add more positive traits and features to your personality.

Participants perform several fictional scenarios in front of the camera to understand and improve their communication skills, confidence level, gestures & postures, personality projection and other traits of the personality.

This course reduces your stress, add positivity to your life, gives you opportunity to mingle with other participants of different nationalities and hone you to be a confident public speaker. After this course you become more confident & impressive during meetings, interviews, public speaking, social gatherings & all your day to day interaction with people.

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