3 Months - Professional Film Acting Course 

( For Beginners )

36 Sessions of 2 Hours Each

This program has been designed for beginners with little or no experience in Acting. Students learn all the key basics & advanced concepts in film acting. Students go through the whole process of preparing & performing scenes professionally in multi camera, light & sound setup. The course helps student to get rid of fear of public performance & anxiety.  It's a step by step process giving you a full exposure to the world of Acting & Film making .

 Course Summary

  • Extensive coverage of all basics & advanced concepts of film acting

  • Practical acting sessions in front of camera, with professional cameras & lighting set up

  • Learn to perform majority of key human emotions in front of camera

  • Techniques to get rid of fear and performance anxiety as beginners

  • Shooting of scenes at real locations, & get your edited showreel scenes

  • Learn technique to perform in front of green screen

  • Learn basics of film production, cinematography & screen writing to hone Your acting skills

  • Training in Improvisations, & Methods Acting

  • Acting exercises recommended by Stanislavsky, Stella Adler & Lee StrasBerg

  • Acting exercises recommended by Sandy Miesner & Michael Chekhov

  • Learn to fearlessly perform for auditions (script based & Ad-hoc auditions)

  • Learn to approach media companies & register for major casting agencies 

  • Get In-house casting opportunities in TVCs, films & other media productions

  • Get 5000 views on your showreel scenes on our YouTube channel (Guaranteed)

Put Your Acting Career on a Speedy Path !

Key Features & Takeaways

  • Several weeks of guided acting practice session, honing your natural acting talent

  • Get comfortable with performing for Camera with professional lighting & sound setup

  • Get a professionally edited showreel with your scenes performed during the course

  • Get listed on our YouTube channel with 5000+ views on your showreel

  • Be accessible to several production companies scanning our online actors database

  • Opportunity to network with other actors & friends

  • Boost your confidence for public performances with an ease

  • Learn to get comfortable with physical action and body movement during camera acting

  • Extensive practice sessions for solo performances and group scenes

  • Learn & practice the process of script analysis, character prep, rehearsals & shooting in front of Camera



Open doors to acting opportunities in television, films & other media platform !

​​Other Details


  • Maximum 15 students per batch

  • For candidates above 13 years of age

  • Sessions are conducted on Friday / Saturdays 

  • Shooting locations are hired within UAE only

  • Open to all nationalities

  • Fear & anxiety to public performance is taken care of

  • Sessions are conducted in basic English 

  • Acting Coach: Tanveer Ahmed

 Start Your Career in Film Acting!


3 Months Film Acting Course

​   Upcoming Session

Starting: 5th June 2020 (Fridays)

Duration: 3 Months

Level: Beginners

Certificate:  Professional Film Acting Course

Location : Dubai

Venue: Dubai Marina 

Discounted Fee: AED 3,450 (Until 15th Mar 2020)

Standard Fees: AED 3,750 (Until 5th May 2020) 

Late Fee: AED 4,050 

'Installment scheme' available

(Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.)


3 Months - Professional Film Acting Course 

(72 Hour Intensive Acting Course)

  • How to get rid of fear & performance anxiety

  • Learn to project multiple Human Emotions

  • Project Overlapping Emotions

  • Expressions without Dialogues

  • Silent Etude : Acting with no dialogues

  • Method Acting: Key Concepts & Practical Exercises

  • Technique to Act for Camera, with Professional shooting Setup

  • 'Magic If' exercises

  • Practical Exercises on Physical Actions

  • Improvisation techniques during performance

  • Acting in front of Green Screen

  • 'Freeze Frames' technique of portraying emotions

  • Character Analysis & Preparation

  • Sensory Memory and Emotional Memory

  • Inner Monologues & SubText

  • Circle of emotions

  • Embodying a Subject as an Actor

  • Script Analysis

  • Improvisation on silent moments

  • Voice modulation & Voice pitch

  • Technique of Quartering during Acting Performance

  • Acting Technique of ‘Labelling’

  • Playing Objectives, super objectives & emotions

  • Cup technique to improve concentration

  • Eye movements exercises (Avoiding eye drifting & blank eye)

  • Stanislavsky School of Acting: Key Concepts & Exercises

    • Real Emotions

    • Motivation Objective, and super objective

    • Making of character inside out

    • Observation of people

    • Art in you and not yourself in art

  • Sanford Meisner School of Acting: Key Concepts & Exercises

    • Spontaneity

    • React to your partner

    • How to live truthfully in front of Camera

  • Stella Adler School of Acting: Key Concepts & Exercises

    • Practice, Practice and Practice

    • Using of imagination (do not assault the past)

    • Know more about different cultures

  • Michael Chekhov: Acting Concept of Psychological Gesture

  • Lee Strasberg : Key Concepts & Exercises

    • Constant Character

    • Concentration and Observation

    • Emotions in every days life

    • Affective Memory

    • The cup technique

Note: The sessions are conducted on Fridays or Saturdays based on schedule and suitability.

Note: All the standard policies & disclaimers, term & conditions applies as stated on the website

Creative Bites offers the Best Drama & Acting School experience in UAE, with Acting Training Classes & Programs for Beginners. We specialize in teaching key Film & Theater Acting Techniques. Our Screen Acting Lessons, Workshops and Courses have been carefully crafted for adults, starting their career in acting & media field. These programs are conducted by experienced coaches. Learning Screen Acting while you perform in front of Camera with full shooting setup of Light, Sound and Camera Equipment, adds a great value to your understanding of Acting for Camera & Films.

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