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ScreenWriting Course

For Beginners

This program has been designed for the beginners in screenwriting. It’s mainly for those who wish to learn the art of writing stories and screenplays for short films, feature films & television series. The course covers the whole process of professionally developing an engaging story & screenplay from scratch.


It consists of several practical sessions on developing concepts, characters outlines, plot points etc. Student learn to write scripts on a professional script writing software in a standard international format. Students finish their first debut short film script during the course, which is showcased on the website of Creative Bites for visitors, directors & production houses.

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Course Summary

  • Extensive coverage of basics & advanced concepts of Screenwriting

  • Practical sessions on developing ideas, characters, plot points etc.

  • Learn the process of developing a concept into a shooting script

  • Learn the standard international format & norms of screenwriting

  • Learn to operate the professional scriptwriting software

  • Learn to break your story into the scene by scene screenplay 

  • Understand the key mistakes & logical errors made by the writers

  • Shoot sample scenes with actors, directors & crew member 

  • Learn the basics of cinematography, type of shots etc.

  • Learn to approach directors & production houses with your script 

  • Chance to get your short film script produced by Creative Bites

  • Get your script showcased on our website for directors & visitors

  • Maximum 12 students per batch

  • For candidates above 12 years of age

  • Sessions conducted on Fridays / Saturdays 

  • Open to all nationalities

  • Sessions are conducted in basic English 

  • Coach: Tanveer Ahmed

  • Finish your debut short film script

  • Get listed with us as a writer for future work

  • Network with other writers and filmmakers

  • Learn to operate screenwriting software

  • Receive 'Certificate in Fundamentals of ScreenWriting' post-completion.

  • 30 Session of 2 hours each

  • Theory & practical sessions on ScreenWriting

  • Learn the full process screenplay writing

Key Features & Takeaways

  • Learn to use index cards and scratchpad for writing screenplay

  • Learn to develop plot points & hooks for your scripts to be more enticing

  • Learn the art of active imagination to unleash your creativity

  • Learn & develop the discipline of scriptwriting as a professional writer

  • Opportunity to network with other writers & filmmakers

  • Learn to copyright your ideas & screenplays

  • Learn the art of verbally narrating your script in the story sittings

  • Learn the art of collaboration to start the successful production 

  • Walk away with a screenplay of a movie written during the course  

  • Get listed on our website as a writer & share your work with visitors 

  • Write scenes on the scriptwriting software in an acceptable format

  • Practical sessions on developing concepts, characters & original ideas

Start Your Career in ScreenWriting

Upcoming Session

Starting: 5th August 2020 (Fridays)

Duration: 10 Weeks

Level: Beginners

Certificate:  Fundamentals of ScreenWriting

Location: Dubai 

Venue: Dubai Media City

Standard Fees: AED 2,950 (Until 5th May 2020) 

Late Fee: AED 3,250 

'Installment scheme' available

(Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.)

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