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Photography Course

This course has been designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of photography.  The course covers all the major aspects & techniques of professional photography, including frame composition, lighting techniques, key camera settings, green screen photography, use of different lenses, type of shots, camera angles, photo editing in Adobe Photoshop etc.


Participants learn to professionally shoot & edit photos in a fully equipped shooting set up. Varieties of practical exercises & shoots are conducted throughout the course with models & green screen setup, preparing students for professional assignments. It's a great platform to network with professional models and other photographers.

Students learn to sell their professional photos online and also learn to get paid photoshoot assignments on weekends, creating a side income stream using your passion for photography. You also learn key AI tools introduced in the field of photography to make your photographs look more professional & stunning.

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Duration: 6 Weeks
Course location: Dubai Marina
Certificate Course in Photography
For all ages & nationalities
Learn professional photography

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Course Summary

  • Learn the standard techniques & camera settings for photography.

  • Learn the professional lighting setups & techniques. 

  • Learn to conduct photoshoots with professional models.

  • Learn the exposure correction, colour correction & colour grading.

  • Learn basics of green screen photoshoots. 

  • Learn settings of ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed & White balance.

  • Learn frame composition, key rules & principles of photography.

  • Learn photo editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Learn about different lenses and their applicability.

  • Submit your photographs to the photography festivals & contest

Upcoming Session!

Starting: 8th Sept 2024

Duration: 6 Weeks

Time: 12 pm to 3 pm Every Sunday

Level: Beginners

Certificate:  Fundamentals of Photography

Location: Dubai Media City 

Discounted Fee: AED 1,800 (Plus VAT)

Standard Fees: AED 2,350 (Plus VAT)

Late Fee: AED 2,650 (Plus VAT)

'Installment scheme' available

(Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.)

Open to All
  • Maximum 15 students per batch

  • For candidates above 12 years of age

  • Sessions on Saturdays or Sundays

  • Open to all nationalities

  • Fear & anxiety is taken care of

  • Sessions are conducted in basic English 

  • Coach: Tanveer Ahmed & Deepak Kurup

  • Live photography sessions with professional models, green screen & lighting setup. 

  • Make your own portfolio during the course.

  • Carry a laptop  & a DSLR Camera if you have one.

  • Candidates are awarded  'Certificate in Fundamentals of Photography' post-completion. 

  • Intensive training in photography

  • Live photoshoots with models 

  • Professionally equipped shooting setup.

Key Features & Takeaways

  • Get 'Certificate in Fundamentals of Photography'

  • Receive step by step instruction on professional photo editing

  • Designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of photography

  • Conduct photo shoots with different coloured backdrops & gels

  • Learn the basic & advanced settings of DSLR cameras  

  • Live photography sessions with professional models

  • Basics of Green Screen photoshoots

  • Learn photography with a fully equipped shooting setup

  • Mingle with candidates from different cultures & nationalities

  • Shoot and edit your own portfolio during the course

  • Get professional paid assignment after course completion

" The best photography course in UAE "

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