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10 Weeks Method Acting Landing Page

10 Weeks Acting Program

This acting course is designed for beginners. The course teaches a step by step process of preparing & living the life of a character for camera. All the basic & advanced techniques of method acting are explored through various practical sessions. Method acting principles of Lee Strasberg & Stanislavsky are taught in great detail. Student learn to perform as a character in front of the camera

Customized short stories & scenes are written for students. Student go through the whole process of film making as an actor including cold reading, script & character analysis, character preparation, dress rehearsals, multi-cam shoot etc.

Students shoot the short stories & scenes as characters giving them a complete exposure to film acting & professional process of character preparation.

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Course Summary

  • Learn key acting techniques of Lee Strasberg related to method acting

  • Designed for beginners with no experience or exposure in acting

  • Learn to study a character, create a back story & character arc

  • Learn to assess the physical and mental attributes of the character

  • Experience the whole film making process as a professional actor

  • Rehearse & shoot short stories & scenes like professional actors

  • Learn Michael Chekhov ‘psychological gesture technique to build your character

  • Get your showreel with cinematic scenes performed as a character.

  • Share your showreel with casting agents & production companies

  • Learn the process of professional actors to prepare for the character

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Upcoming Session

Starting: 4th Feb 2024 (Sundays)

Duration: 10 Weeks

Level: Beginners

Each session of 5 hrs (Total training of 50 hrs)

Certificate:  10 Weeks Acting Program

Location: Dubai Marina 

Discounted Fee: AED 4,350

Standard Fees: AED 5,250

Late Fee: AED 5,950

'Installment scheme' available

(Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.)

Open to All
  • Maximum 15 students per batch

  • For candidates above 12 years of age

  • Sessions conducted on Sundays

  • Open to all nationalities

  • Anxiety & fear of performance is taken care of

  • Sessions are conducted in basic English 

  • Acting Coach: Tanveer Ahmed.

  • Get a professionally edited showreel with your scenes performed during the course.

  • Featured listing of showreel on our YouTube channel for casting agents.

  • Method Acting Theory & Practical Sessions

  • Candidates will be awarded  'Certificate in Method Acting Course' post completion of the program. 

  • 30 Sessions of 2 hours each

Key Features & Benefits

  • Get listed as an actor for the short film projects of our film making students

  • Get a featured listing of your showreel on our YouTube channel

  • Shoot several scenes with co-actors at outdoor locations

  • Get certified as a trained film actor

  • In-depth study of Stanislavsky’s technique of embodying a character

  • Practical sessions to change your physical gestures & posture for the character

  • Learn to avoid the psychological impact of a character preparation

  • Learn techniques of emotional memory & imagination combined with Method Acting

  • Learn to get in and out of the character

  • Learn to modulate and change voice according to the character

" The best acting course in UAE "

3 Months Acting Course

  • Several fun-filled ad hoc performances as a character

  • Learn to create visual memories of your character

  • Learn to develop real-life references for character

  • Learn to rehearse at home for the given character

  • Get cinematic exposure during the shoot with varieties of close up, medium & long shot

  • The showreel scenes are edited & post-produced at feature film standards

  • Network with other actors from different nationalities

  • Psychological management during method acting

  • Get used to camera acting through ongoing shoots during rehearsals

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