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"There is very little theory involved. I really enjoyed it because, everything which we did, it just felt very real, even as a character, it was our own. Tanveer helped us tap into our own imagination, he made us do exercises which kind of also helped us to see how good or bad you are as an actor.

"I was very skeptic of coming here, as I did't know anything about acting. This workshop is amazing. I have learnt a lots of new things, things that I had never knew before about acting. They are very clear about the way they have structured this program"

"Three things which I want to say, firstly what I learnt in this workshop, is that 'Acting is not acting', be yourself. 

Secondly I witnessed, how one can coach acting without making it feel like coaching,  and lastly I think its a place I am going to make lots of friends"

"I have attended 'Tanveer Ahmed's Acting Workshop, and I must say  it was a really nice experience, we learnt a lots of different acting techniques. Mr Tanveer is very friendly. Every person who is in love with acting  and wants to know more about it , they should attend this workshop"

"I think what I liked about this workshop is, performing using our real emotions, tapping into our own emotions, we used different emotions throughout the session. Secondly to act you don't have to act, you have to use your imagination, and basically just be yourself"


Krishnan Samavedam




" One thing which I liked about this workshop is that  how your imagination is controlling you and acting is all about imagination. I also learnt today how to portray emotion we are not good at. This will definitely help me in pursuing my career in acting.

"Its great pleasure to be here  in this acting workshop for beginners. I was really nervous while coming here, but after knowing Mr. Tanveer  Ahmed, who really encouraged us,  and removed all our hesitations the first day itself, I am really thankful to him"

"I am attending this acting workshop for beginners. Mr Tanveer Ahmed kept it very interesting throughout. This session gave be a lots of acting knowledge and also practical experience.

"This is first time I am attending the acting workshop. This workshop really made me realize  how weak I am  and how behind I am in acting. It really gave be confidence to learn more out of my comfort zone. I think I have more confidence in myself now"

" The acting coach is very cooperative. We learnt new things in acting today and this is going to surely help us a lot in future, to build our career in acting"






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