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Want to be

a Filmmaker?

Learn to visualize a story & manage the process of film shoot as a Director.

Learn to operate the camera & physically manage multi cam shooting process.

Learn to edit the film and manage the whole post-production of the film.

Get Certification in Fundamentals of Film making' post-completion. 

Open doors to opportunities as a filmmaker in television, films & other media platform!

Key Features & Takeaways

Film making Course for Beginners

  • Learn the process of filmmaking from story writing to shoot.

  • Learn to operate the camera & other shooting equipment.

  • Network with other filmmakers from diverse nationalities.

  • Write & shoot your own scenes as a director.

  • Learn scriptwriting, Cinematography, Lighting & Video editing.

  • Get 'Certificate in Fundamentals of filmmaking' & much more.

Screenwriting Course

for Beginners

(10 weeks course with 30 sessions)

It’s mainly for those who wish to learn the art of writing story & screenplay for short films, feature films & television series. The course teaches the process of professionally developing an engaging story & screenplay from scratch. It consists of several practical sessions relating to developing concepts, characters & plot points.


Film making Course

for Beginners

(10 weeks course with 30 sessions) 

The course covers all the major aspects of film making, including screenwriting, storyboarding, camera operation, camera settings, direction, lighting setups, sound recording, editing, background scores and overall production management. It trains the participants to be able to write, shoot & edit their own short films & professional videos with a full shooting setup. 

It's time to showcase your talent as a filmmaker to the whole world!

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