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Want to be a


Learn the standard Photography techniques & camera settings.

Fully equipped shooting setup with step by step guidance during shoots. 

Live photography sessions with professional models, green screen & lighting setup. 

Get  'Certificate in Fundamentals of Photography' post-completion. 


Photography Course

For Beginners


(10 weeks course with practical session & shoots) 

This course has been designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of photography.  The course covers all the major aspects & techniques of professional photography, including frame composition, lighting techniques, key camera settings, green screen photography, use of different lenses, type of shots, camera angles, photo editing in Adobe Photoshop etc.

Open doors to the Photographer within you and showcase your talent to the world!

Photography Course for Beginners

Key Features & Takeaways

  • Learn the basic & advanced settings of DSLR cameras  

  • Live photography sessions with professional models

  • Green Screen photoshoots & editing

  • Learn photography with a fully equipped shooting setup

  • Mingle with candidates from different cultures & nationalities

  • Shoot and edit your own portfolio during the course

  • Get a professional paid assignment after course completion

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