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Short Film Course 

For Beginners

Short Film Acting Program

Learn Acting while you prepare for your Debut performance in a short film.  This Acting Program is a combination of training sessions coupled with an opportunity to act in your own Short Film.

The Short Film shall be released & marketed through Creative Bites YouTube Channel and is expected to achieve a minimum of 20,000 views, over social media platforms, giving you a wider exposure as an Actor.

How this Program Works?

The course starts with an initial workshop covering key film acting techniques. Students are then trained to perform in front of the camera. A customized short film script is written for the actors. Actors then rehearse each scene, prepare and shoot the short film and go through the whole film production process as an actor.

Key Features

  • Learn key film acting techniques through practical sessions 

  • Learn to perform scenes for the camera with full shooting setup

  • Learn to prepare for a character as a professional actor

  • Go through the story sitting, reading & rehearsal sessions

  • Learn the voice-over & dialogue dubbing as needed for the movie

  • First-hand experience of shooting the whole short movie as an actor

  • Walk away with a customized short film to share with casting agents 

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