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Online Film Acting Program


Best Online Acting Course - Offered Worldwide 

Learn Key Film Acting Techniques Online. 

Step by step process to perform like a professional Actor.

27  Video Modules

 27 different video modules, containing video lecture, covering different acting techniques.

Sample Scenes

Watch the scenes of other students performing the acting techniques taught in the modules.

    Practical Exercises

    Practical exercises are given with each module to practice the techniques on a daily basis​ at home.

      Acting Acting Tips

      Each module is accompanied by various acting tips to help you practice the specific technique.

      Most affordable way to learn film acting & show your talent to casting co.s through us. 

      Key Features & Takeaways

      • Learn to perform the majority of key human emotions. 

      • Learn professional film acting & character prep techniques.

      • Get comfortable with performing for Camera.

      • Learn Acting from home & gain confidence before auditioning.

      • Learn to approach media companies & casting agencies.

      • Get Certification & Showreel scenes to expedite your career.

      Learn film acting  technique of imagination, dialogue delivery, character preparation, eye movements, voice modulation etc

      Rehearse the given scenes and character backdrop, using acting techniques learnt during the program.

      Watch sample performances of our various students applying these techniques to better understand it.

      You will be awarded with ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of Film Acting’ after passing out all the performances. 

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