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Act in Your Own Short Film For Beginners.

Learn Acting while you prepare for your Debut performance in your own short film.  

This Acting Program is a combination of Training Sessions coupled with chance to act in your own Short Film.

The Short Film shall be released & marketed through Creative Bites YouTube Channel. Each Short Film is expected to achieve minimum of 20,000 views, over social media platforms. This will  give you a wider exposure as an Actor.

The Film shall also be sent for film festivals on selective basis based on suitability. 

The Film & Actors shall have opportunity to get nominated in 'Best Film' & Best Actor' Category in these Film Festivals.

Short Film Course 

For Beginners

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Creative Bites

How this Program Works?

  • The course starts with an initial workshop covering Fundamentals of Screen Acting including sessions on Imagination, using real emotions, and practical shoots in front of Camera.​

  • The workshop delve into in depth topics & sessions on Character Preparation, Voice Modulation, Inner Monologue, Gestures & Postures etc. These sessions act as refresher course for actor who have attended previous workshops.​

  • A customized Short Film Story, Screen play & dialogues are written for Actors, based on their initial assessment. ​​

  • Story sittings and long sessions are held for Character Preparation, Cold Reading, script analysis, & overall planning.​

  • Dress Rehearsals are conducted, to get the Actors in the skin of the Character.​

  • Final Shoot of the Film is held over two full days, with professional, Light, Sound, and Camera Setup.​

  • The Short film goes under post production stage of sound and video editing.​

  • The official trailer and poster of the movie with actors  shall be launched over social media, 2 weeks & 3 weeks prior to the release of the movie respectively to create a buzz.

Short Film Course


Starting: 27th June 2020 (Saturdays)

Level: Beginners with no experience

Certificate: 60 Hours Intensive Acting Program

Location : Dubai Media City

Session: 60 Hours of session over 2 months


Discounted Fee: AED 3,450 (Until 28th April 2020)

Standard Fee: AED 3,750 (Until 30th May 2020)

Late Fee: AED 4,950 

'Installment scheme' available

Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.

Opportunity to Learn Acting & Work in Your Own Short Film

What happens during  post production?​​

  • Once the shoot is over the Film shall be processed for First Cut Editing

  • Sounds and Voice shall be processed & cleaned up

  • Background Score and Foley sounds shall be added

  • Background music shall be added

  • Voice over and dialogue dubbing shall be finalized as needed

  • Color correction and color grading shall be applied to give it a Film look

  • Final Cut shall be produced, with Opening and Ending Titles

  • Film shall be released over YouTube, with entries for selective Film Festivals.

Workshop Details

  • Sessions and shoot are held on Fridays & Saturdays only

  • On and average 6 people are involved in one short film

  • All the actors are given cinematic exposure, and an overall experience to prepare & shoot for a professional Film.

  • Apartment & Villas are hired with outdoor shoots as script demands

  • Meetups over coffee are arranged during weekdays, at the discretion of Director 

  •  The whole experience is filled with lots of fun and opportunity to learn the craft

  • Need Extreme Passion towards acting, as this course is quite intensive & demanding


  • 60 Hours Intensive Acting Program

  • Act in a professional Short Movie

  • Exposure to professional movie making

  • Exposure to full movie production process 

  • Candidates will be awarded  '60 Hours Intensive Acting Program' post completion of the program. 

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