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Am I made for acting

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Learn to assess if you are made for the field of acting.

It’s quite normal to get attracted to the field of acting or wanting to learn acting for fun. It is fine to explore film acting as a hobby or passion or profession but are you truly made for acting?

There is a difference between being interested in something and an ‘inner calling’. We would all like to be the president of the country, or a football player, or an actor for that matter but is that your true calling?

How to understand if acting is your true calling.

If deep down in your heart, you have a feeling that you should pursue acting. You don’t know, how good, bad or successful you are going to be but you know that you should do it. That gut feeling is your inner calling.

"Your soul knows its role." Tanveer Ahmed

Easy to say, but difficult to follow your inner calling.

For the whole life, we suppress that inner calling and reason ourselves that it won’t work out. Your excuses, however genuine, are just a way to fool yourselves. Deep down in your heart, you know that you are just being lazy, scared or selling an emotional reason to your brain to be at ease. Instead of asking why you should not pursue it, if you ask your brain how you can pursue it, your subconscious will serve you with thousands of different ways to make it happen.

For everything else, we had a choice, we chose that dress, we chose that shoe, we chose that life partner but inner calling is for something nature has chosen for you and have put it deep down in your heart.

Inner calling turns to inner remorse if not followed

After every few days, an inner voice whispers to you to pursue it. You can choose to ignore it. As the age passes, that inner calling will slowly turn to inner remorse (wish I had done that). That inner remorse will always exist in you until your soul departs from the planet earth as your soul knows that it did not fulfil what it was meant for. Trust me “The soul knows its role”.

What if I am feeling Inner remorse now for not having followed my inner calling for acting?

Do it now stupid :) and you should be fine. There is no age to learn acting or to follow your inner calling.

Can I have a normal life following my inner calling?

If you follow your inner calling, you will not have a normal life surely, as your inner calling does not want you to live a normal life like others. 30 to 60 minutes every day following what your inner voice wishes you to do should be enough to start with. You don’t need to immediately jeopardize everything.

What if I don’t have any inner calling?

Ask your brain. Put your subconscious mind to work. Let your subconscious explore the database of the universe connected through you and serve you the answer. The answer comes if you seek.

What if I have many inner callings?

Show it to the doctor immediately :) :). Do not mistake your different skills, wishes & aspirations to your inner calling.

It is fine to pursue acting if you have got attracted to the field if you wish to get name, fame, money or just for fun or build one more skillset. There is no harm in it. 

But it’s a crime against yourself if acting is your true inner calling or seems so and you ignore it. Do not reject a gift or talent offered to you by the universe itself. 


Tanveer Ahmed

Director at Creative Bites

Media Production & Training

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