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Basics of Film Acting

Drama Students

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Practice scenes & lot more

Basics of Film Acting
(Online Course)

  • Attain zoom sessions and learn basic film acting techniques from professional acting coach.

  • Become part of the group of acting students from different countries.

  • Get access to over 40+ videos teaching acting fundamentals

  • Record scenes and send it to acting coach for review and corrections

  • Access to videos of live physical acting classes of Creative Bites 

  • Get access to animated videos teaching facial expressions

  • Get access to numerous practice scenes in pdf format  

  • Learn to apply for auditions with casting agents for films & television.

  • Get certificate upon completion of the course

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What you get in this course


Basics of Film Acting

Be part of the whatsapp group and be connected with your whole international acting students batch. Get homework & daily acting exercises. Prepare & submit your performances as guided during zoom sessions together with other students. 

Certified Courses

Get a certificate post course completion

This online course is designed for beginners

We have students from 14 - 60 years old


Basics of Film Acting 

Online Course For Beginners

Zoom Sessions + Offline Videos

Starting: 30th May 2022

Duration: 10 Weeks 

Zoom session: Mondays 6pm to 9pm (UAE Time)

Level: Beginners

Certificate:  Fundamentals of Film Acting 

Discounted Fee: USD 275 (Until 31st March 2022)

Standard Fee: USD 325 (Until 30th April 2022)

Late Fee: USD 450 

(Our seats gets fully booked several weeks in advance so ensure to enroll at your earliest.)


  • Acting techniques & concpets are explained on zoom sessions by Acting Coach

  • Q & A sessions are held on zoom to clarify doubts

  • Acting exercises are given to practice everyday

  • Whatsapp group is made for all the batch students to discuss their progress and network with other actors

  • Students are asked to perform and record scenes over mobile and send the same to acting coach for review

  • Students are advised to practice emotions as guided in the offline videos provided.

  • Students are trained to apply for auditions with casting agents for films and television.

  • Certificate are issued post completion of the course

" This course prepares you to perform like professional actors in front of the camera. This is the best way to learn professional film acting from home. The zoom session, offline videos and daily acting exercises gives you the same experience as a physical acting school."

What people say


"It has made it so easy to learn and practice acting"

"Zoom sessions are the best"

"It made me so confident"

"Daily homework and acting exercise really helped me"

"Great place to network internationally"

"My acting knowledge & performance improved a lot"

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