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Online Acting

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Online Acting Course for Beginners

Online acting course is made for all those people who are not able to join a physical acting classes in person but still wish to learn professional film acting and become capable to act out a scene in front of the camera.

At Creative Bites our online acting courses have been mainly designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of screen acting. Our online courses are the combination of online zoom sessions and offline recorded videos. Student are taught various basic and advanced techniques of screen acting over zoom sessions. Students are asked to refer to specific recorded video material to further enhance their knowledge of acting. Specific daily exercises are given to students to practice acting techniques taught. As a student you become part of an international batch of acting students connected all together.


Hence our online acting course gives you all the advantage and learning impact of a physical acting course at an affordable price. 

Online acting registration

Basics of Film Acting
(10 weeks course)

Learn all the fundamentals of screen acting. Attend 10 zoom sessions with professional acting coach. Become part of the international online student batch. Get access to over 50+ recorded videos teaching acting and lot more.

" This course prepares you to perform like professional actors in front of the camera. This is the best way to learn professional film acting from home. The zoom session, offline videos and daily acting exercises gives you the same experience as a physical acting school."
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