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Online Film Acting Course

For Beginners 

Online Film Acting program is 3 months - professional certificate course, designed for beginners in film acting. It is for all ages & nationalities. The program teaches you all the basics & advanced film acting techniques through carefully designed 27  online video modules.

Each module contains specially crafted video lecture explaining a specific film acting technique, professional acting tips, daily exercises to practice and sample performances of students.

The program is more enriching than a physical film school and teaches the standard process followed by professional film actors to prepare for a scene or a character. Actors shall be awarded ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of Film Acting’ post-completion of the course.

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Course Summary

  • The online acting program enables students to prepare for any scene to be performed for the camera. 

  • It covers all the key film acting techniques e.g. real emotions, imagination, dialogue delivery, character preparation, eye movements, gestures & postures, voice modulation etc.​

  • It is specially designed for those wishing to professionally start their acting career.​

  • It’s a step by step process to learn film acting from basics to the professional level.​

  • The course covers all the film acting techniques taught by major film acting schools. ​

  • It covers several exercises to practice film acting on a daily basis.