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  • Is there any age restriction to join this program?
    No. The program is meant for all ages & nationalities.
  • Q. Is this online program suitable for someone with no background or experience in acting?
    This workshop has been designed especially for people with no knowledge, experience or background in acting. This workshop focuses on key fundamentals techniques of film acting. It’s a step by step process to learn film acting to perform in front of camera with ease.
  • Q. What are the sample performances? How would it help me?
    Sample perfromances are different scenes performed by our students, which were shot during acting courses conducted by CreativeBites. These students had no prior experience in acting and have learnt all the film acting technique during our courses from basics. The sample performances help you understand the practical application of all the acting techniques being taught in the online acting course. Students can learn from these sample scenes while rehearsing and shooting their test performance.
  • Q. What are the test performances? Can I skip the test performances?
    Once you have understood and thoroughly practiced all the key acting techniques as recommended in the video lecture modules. You will have to pass 5 test performances. You have to download the PDF document containing the test performances scenes from our website, which will contain, brief story back drop, dialogues & character outline. It’s mandatory to rehearse, and then shoot the scenes using any camera / mobile phones and send the same to us, for us to verify that you have well understood & practised the techniques and are able to incorporate the same in your performances. Only through the assessment of test performances we can highlight and recommend any specifice areas or technique to improve. Once you pass all the test performances, you will be awarded with ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of Film Acting’ and your Showreel shall be finalized and uploaded online by our operations team for the casting & production companies.
  • Q. Can I submit the test performances in my own language?
    Yes. You can submit your test performances in any language you are comfortable with. You can translate the test performance dialogues in your own language and can perform. We are assessing your performance based on if you have applied the specific acting techniques well or not. Acting is an art which is not confined to any specific language.
  • Q. Is there any specific order for preparing the test performances?
    There is no specific order for preparing the test performance.
  • Q. Should I upload all my 5 test performances together?
    Yes you are expected to shoot and upload all the 5 test performances at the same time. You can re-submit only those performances which did not clear in the first attempt.
  • Q. What if I fail in any one of my 3 test performances?
    If our assessment team does not approve any of your performances, you will receive a detailed feedback sheet highlighting key areas to improve, you can rehearse and reshoot your performances and send the same to us for re assessment.
  • Q. What is the maximum number of times one can re-submit the test performance after failing?
    You can resubmit your performance as many times as possible within one full calendar year from date of registration.
  • Q. English is not my first language; will I be able to understand these video modules?
    The online acting program is conducted in a very simple and easy to understand English. Anyone with basic knowledge of English can easily follow through all the key instructions in the program. There are also ongoing written tips on the screen in the video modules to re-emphasize the key tips to ensure that you grasp the techniques well.
  • Q. How should I shoot the scenes using camera?
    We have a specific module in this program which would guide you with key tips to shoot your test performance scenes. You can use any normal camera or even your mobile phones to capture your performance. As long as your video is clear enough to watch with no noise disturbance and well lit, we are ok with it.
  • Q. Do you want the test performance to be shot in any specific video format?
    We do not have any strict requirements with regards to the video format. Though we recommend HD resolution (1080p) but it’s not necessary.
  • Q. When will I receive the edited copies of my test performance?
    Once you clear all your 5 test performances, our editing team will combine all your videos and will professionally edit and color grade it to make it look more professional. Your Showreel shall be uploaded on our website & you tube channel. You will be provided with the link of Showreel for your reference by e-mail.
  • Q. What should be my costumes while shooting the scenes?
    You can take an appropriate get up based on the story back drop and your character as guided in the test performance scenes. Your normal daily wears shall suit to most of the characters we have crafted for these test performance scenes. Each test performance script will have proposed costume for each character. You can improvise on the costume as per your sensibility.
  • Q. Is this course for any specific nationality?
    This course is open to all the ages and nationalities worldwide.
  • Q. I am feeling anxious and nervous prior to enrolling for this program. I also have fear of public speaking. Is that normal?
    It’s absolutely normal for candidates to feel a bit anxious & nervous prior to joining this program. Most of top celebrities with several years of experience also feel nervous & anxious before any kind of performance or public speaking. We have special module to help actors to get rid of their performance anxiety and stage fear. Lastly it’s an online program whereby you can learn all the key acting techniques at your home. You can practice all the acting techniques and boost up your confidence prior to applying for any professional assignment or perform in front of public.
  • Q. Do you also cast actors in your in house branded content?
    We do produce branded ads & media content. We cast actors mainly from our own database of students based on suitability for the character. We also share other casting opportunities with our students as per availability.
  • Q. Where is your office; can I visit your office?
    We are based in United Arab Emirates. As this is an online program, you can send us all the queries on the given email ID. Our operations team shall respond to you immediately.
  • Q. I wish to join your physical acting workshop / acting program?
    We do have physical acting courses and workshops but these are only conducted in Dubai. You can check the dates of our next program and join the same. In our opinion our 6 months online acting program delivers the same value & more as most of the key film acting concepts are explained in much more detail. At the same time actors can revisit these lectures as many times as possible with various daily exercises to practice specific techniques. Students get relatively more time to prepare and perform their test performances in the online acting program.
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